Mal Soomessur

An Independent Midwife practising in London, Essex and Hertfordshire

A Practicing Associate of INDEPENDENT MIDWIVES ASSOCIATION based on the borders of East London and Essex - serving Hertfordshire, East, South, North and some parts of West London.

I offer a consultation visit at a time that suits you and your partner. This visit gives you the opportunity to discuss your requirements and decide if we could work together. I charge a nominal fee for this visit that is refunded if you book with me. If you decide that I am the right midwife for you, we will then arrange to meet for a booking visit.



Kruger, Stephanie, Steffan's birth story

I wish everyone could have such a special birth as we had. That first feeling that rushed through my body when I lifted Steffan out of the water still lingers. He was so peaceful and calm, a direct result of Mal’s professional care that enabled me to give birth in the comfort and familiarity of our own home.

Looking back it was providence that our paths crossed with Mal. We moved from South Africa to London when I was 6 months pregnant and we were both very uncertain about this whole new experience. A friend of ours suggested we meet Mal and it worked out so well. 

After we had met Mal for the first time we were very excited about the prospect of having a homebirth. She gave us excellent antenatal care and sketched a realistic picture of what the birth and a new addition to the family would be like. We felt confident and prepared and weren at all anxious about the care we would get from her. On the big day her care was excellent both personal and professional. She arrived at exactly the right time, helping me with crucial breathing techniques and other natural pain relief methods that were very effective. It felt as if she understood my body and its ability very well. Her encouragement to get my husband involved from the first visits of the antenatal care really paid off during labour. With Mal leading the way Kruger was an excellent labour partner, supporting me right to the end. Mal was there every time we needed her, but she also left us to experience this event as a couple. Her years of experience were very clear during the final stages of the birth. She knew exactly what to do every step of the way and we felt very secure and safe in her care.

The great postnatal care we received made all the difference. As a new mother she helped me to trust my ability as a mum and to have confidence in caring for our new baby. We looked forward to every visit and were very sad when the last of her postnatal visits came. If it was up to us we would never let her sign us off. But again, her timing was perfect for we had to get on with it on our own.

Mal is professional, kind and warm. Not only the greatest midwife I know, but also a dear friend.’s

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